Aurelia (aurelia) wrote in alias_contest,

Contest 64 Banners

Under the cut are the banners for Contest 64. :) Hope they're okay.

Congrats again to the winners.

*baerkueh I didn't know which ep. yours came from so I just picked the first one of Vaughn that came up.

If there's any mistakes anyone please let me know.

I'm just starting to re-promote the community now so I should, HOPEFULLY, get the first Contest up next week.
Tags: banners, contest 64
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Pretty! The Vaughn icon was from the episode of Season 5 when he learns from the monk about his daughter.
Awesome thanks so much!
You're welcome. :)
Wow.. I like mine a lot.. thanks much for making these =).
Would you like me to change your Vaughn one now I know what episode the cap is from?