Aurelia (aurelia) wrote in alias_contest,

Contest 65 - Women of Alias

I've decided to do an open contest while I promote the community some more therefore Contest 65 will be dedicated to the 'Women of Alias'. You may use whatever screencaps you like and any female you like from across all seasons. There can be other people in the icon as long as she is the focus of attention.

You can enter up to 6 icons for this contest.
Not all of the icons can be of the same character.
You must only use screencaps from episodes. No promotional pictures can be used.
All effects are allowed as it has always been.
You must submit YOUR original work and specifically for this contest. No prior work can be submitted!
Icons cannot be displayed anywhere until the results are announced.
Icons must fit the livejournal standard. Under 40kb, max 100x100px and in either .png, .gif or .jpg format.
Please reply with both image and url. Also please remember the links of which caps you used incase you win so i can make you a personalized banner.
Icons are due WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 31, 10PM Brisbane time (World Clock) Will keep it open til there are enough entries for voting.

Helpful link of screencaps: (if you know of anywhere else please let me know.)
Undercover - Alias Screencap Gallery, Alias Media &

Entries: 07
Tags: contest 65, contests
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